Portrait of a Dead Guy (A Cherry Tucker Mystery, #1)Portrait of a Dead Guy by Larissa Reinhart
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

portrait was like scarlett o’hara meets nancy drew, but in 2013. this book was a pleasant surprise. I had not read any spoilers or reviews, but I had a notion of what the book was about. I loved cherry’s character and how she always did the opposite of what you expected. while I was very leery of luke, in the end he actually grew up compared to todd’s tomfoolery. in the end, larissa still had me guessing whodunit and I was pleasantly surprised. I also really enjoyed her vivid vocabulary. I enjoyed this book and cant wait to move onto stew!!
some of my fav lines:
-Breaking into a funeral home to paint a dead body was bad enough. Somehow cracking into a six-pack pushed the crime into redneck realm.
-“You know what your problem is, Cherry? You’re like a Jack Russell with ADD. You need to figure out what you want instead of just hopping around, wasting a lot of energy.”
-“Cherry, tell your brain to shut up so I can kiss you.”
-As usual, a discussion with Luke spun me away from reality. Had we just gone another round while a dead body lay before us like a pitcher of beer and plate of nachos?

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