Not Quite Cold (A Lowcountry Ghost Story, #2)

Not Quite Cold by Lyla Payne

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Don’t go borrowing trouble.” Gracie is back and better than ever. She struggles with yet more ghosts and more relationships. Caught between trusting herself and trusting others, including the ghosts that need her help. She juggles living with her cousin, rekindling with friends, trusting her ‘boyfriend’, chasing ghosts, avoiding town folk and rectifying rumors. “You can swim in your own insecurities if you want, but no need to invite the whole town in for a skinny dip.” Gracie is hard-headed, independent, comical, crazy and broken all wrapped up into a nice Nancy Drew Ghost PI package. Not to mention trying to maintain a ‘real’ life in Heron Creek. This story has so many ups/downs, twists/turns, you are bound to get sucked into the many subplots and characters’ lives. You will not be disappointed. Lyla is full of amazing one-liners and she leaves ya hanging at the end of this one. Looking forward to LGS number 3.

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