Abducted (The Lizzy Gardner Series, #1)Abducted by T.R. Ragan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Wanting to protect someone you loved & doing it were 2 different things…”Gruesome. Thrilling. In your face. Don’t make the same mistake I did and read this book at night. It packs a punch and you will have nightmares. I am only sorry I didn’t expose myself to Lizzy sooner. T.R. is right up there with the likes of S. King. This book is not for the light-hearted or sour stomached. Lizzy is an amazing lead character who grows throughout the story. I love how the story gives history and flashbacks when needed, but doesn’t delve into everything all at once. You think you have the mystery figured out; you think you know who the killer is; but you are sorely mistaken. I can assure you, you wont be disappointed in the “cover you eyes” department with this book. Tread lightly and happy reading. But good luck trying to sleep….

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