Staying on Top (Whitman University, #4)Staying on Top by Lyla Payne

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This WU novel was by far my favorite. I loved that this novel was completely different from the rest. It had a different feel and pace that I enjoyed. I am glad I “took my time” in finishing this book. I loved the characters and grew to really know them. I loved that their relationship wasn’t rushed and yet they encountered so many life events together. Who doesn’t love travel either!! I only wished I could delve more into their lives once they finally got together. And are we supposed to still wonder about Audra??? Thanks again Lyla!!

Fav lines:
-It was so much rarer than people believed, to hear truth spill from someone’s lips without any kind of agenda or caveat behind it.
-I had spent my life pretending and it appeared this guy never did.
-By some unspoken agreement, we’d delayed the inevitable by separating ourselves from the world.
-Devil Snookums!
-Relationships never stay the same. People change. The ability to know that, even though things don’t go the way you planned, you want to be with the other person enough to fight your way through it…

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