A Slight Change of PlanA Slight Change of Plan by Dee Ernst

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Better off without him got me hooked into local NJ author Dee. But OMG, I loved A Slight Change of Plan. So authentic. So hysterical. So relatable. Anyone can write about the real world, but Dee has an amazing ability to draw you in. You want to read more. You want to get to know the characters. You feel like you are a part of their lives. You will not be disappointed with this charming story about life, relationships, family, and something things just dont turn out the way you plan. (On a personal note, its nice to read a book and you KNOW the locations )
Some of my fav lines:
“But we both liked cold white win for lunch, which was the most important thing.”
“Marriage is hard. Any relationship is hard. And if you dont work at it all the time, and try to keep it going, it falls apart.”
“Why are suddenly all the people in my life showering me with wine?”
“There are all kinds of ways to love a person.”
“Chicken nuggets and Boone’s farm apple wine.”
“….a slight change of plan is not such a bad thing.”

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