Summer Ruins (The Last Year, #4)Summer Ruins by Trisha Leigh
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am very sad to see Althea go, but wow what a ride. I love how much this story morphed from the first to the fourth book. I love the magic. I love the suspense. I love how wrapped up you get; that you forget about other the underlying plot. I treasured how the love story emerged. I loved how it was ok to feel good and bad emotions, and sometimes a book doesn’t have to have a happy, fairy tale ending. Some of my favorite moments:
-“I scoot closer until our hips are touching and lay my head on his shoulder. We both smell like sweat, but his familiar pine scent threads comfort through my blood. He sets his cheek on top of my head and we exist in companionable silence for several seconds”
-“Everything that makes you you is what I adore, and without us being who we are, we may not have found each other. So if we die tomorrow, or the next day, it will be worth it. Because I got to love you.”
-“He leans in, capturing my lips as swiftly as he captured my heart and for a moment I lose myself in the salty mixture of his lips and the tears wetting my cheeks, the softness of his hands against my back, the hard outline of his chest muscles under my palms.”

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