Redesigned (Off the Subject, #2)Redesigned by Denise Grover Swank
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

REVIEW TITLE: reed instigated a redesign of every expectation i ever had:
i think its difficult to put into words the feelings and emotions of gratitude towards DGS’s work. while this writing and after math are not the type of writing that made me fall in love with her, she is still such an amazing author. her choice of words. how she develops the charaters and story line and draws you in. its no joke when her street team says we stayed up all night reading or we werent paying attention to our jobs while finishing the next chapter. while i fell in love with after math, i enjoyed this story, if not more. i can relate to the characters. i can relate to their realness. and denise isnt afraid to make them say what they mean and i love the honesty to this story. and im sorry, but who doesnt love a not-so-perfect happy ending. well done DGS!! thank you for sharing your lifes work with us early…

some of my favorite lines:
-there is no such thing as a failure, as long as you learn from your mistakes
-every part of me aches and it pisses me off that the thing it aches for is the asshat behind me
-you make the simpliest things infinitesimally better. you capitivate me
-grateful this hot-headed, over-protective, loyal and incredibly sexy, self-proclaimed math nerd is mine

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