Won't Last LongWon’t Last Long by Heidi Joy Tretheway
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Title: Were like steak and horseradish.
Joshua – you’re typical, fun-loving, down to earth, guy next door.
Melina – you’re typical blonde, ambitious, self-absorbed workaholic.
Opposites attract? Apparently they do with a bit of work. What a great story! I adored reading about their ‘dates’ and not just being dragged from their not so perfect meeting to the immediate not so happily ever ending. The details in between and the trials and trivialities they had to face made them into a couple. Like the real world. But in the end, they never gave up despite their differences. I relished the rest of the cast and plot. The storyline was not too short but not drawn out as well. I only found confusion when the catty hour got caught up in business conversation. LOL. Great read!!!
Some of my favorite lines:
“Guess I didn’t have the vision to know a good thing when I saw it.”
“It’s the flaws that make you a lot less scary.”
“You hate surprises….and you hate change…”

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